Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let's Go Giants!

Today we were relieved of all classroom and Summer Discovery responsibilities.  I woke up around 9:30, completing almost 9 beautiful hours of sleep, and feeling quite rested.  I exercised, and then went to Cosi with all the cohort girls for breakfast/lunch.  Unfortunately, none of the dining halls are open on Saturdays, so we were on our own for food.  

By then, it was a little after one, and we met with Ian, David, and Cameron at the Penn bookstore to buy our sweatshirts.  I am very happy with the hoodie I chose, even if it was a painstaking decision process, and I am wearing it as I blog.  Afterward, Ian signed us out and took us to a Phillies vs. Giants game at Citizens Bank Park.  When I pulled our my camera to snap a picture of our cohort riding the Septa, it would not turn on.  I am hoping his is an issue of battery power, not mechanics, but sadly, my blog will lack pictures today.  

We grabbed some food and found our way to our seats on the third level, right field.  Although they we sat far away, I could see everything from my seat.  It was a little awkward to root for the Giants in a sea of red and blue shirts, so we all quietly cheered for our home team (who won by one, for the record).  

We went for a belated Mariko's birthday dinner at Distrito, a new-agey Mexican restaurant.  It definitely wasn't the Mexican food I'm used to in California, but it was still delicious.  Once again, we ended up laughing the night away.  

Tomorrow, Summer Discovery will take us to Ocean City, NJ, where I'm told there is a beach and boardwalk.  It should be a great day, and hopefully the beaches here are a little warmer than the ones back home.  I can't believe tomorrow is our last Sunday, our last field trip, and our last day to relax before the final week of class.

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