Saturday, July 21, 2012


After sleeping in for a solid 8 hours, I found that I still had time. I decided to do my usual routine, but slowly (adding on to the relaxing day). It felt strange not having to be piled up into a bus for a fabulous trip. I met up with some friends in the lounge of my floor. In the early morning, the 3-weekers of the culinary program had left. I talked with Kelsey, a 6-weeker for the culinary program, who said that it was very difficult saying good-bye to her new friends. This coming Saturday is my last day at Penn, I after talking with Kelsey, I know for sure that it is not going to be easy.

We decided to go to a pizza parlor, Alegros, for brunch. Their pizza was so good and affordable. The cheese was hot and melted perfectly to the point that it became hard not to make a cheesy mess. After brunch, I ditched my friends to go with my cohort. We met up at the bookstore because we were getting our sweatshirts today. Unlike the girls, who were asking everybody about which of the 3 they should get, I just looked for the one I liked the most and done. We went back to the quad, dropped off the sweatshirts, and had Ian sign us out for the Giants vs. Phillies game.
Giants Making A Plan To Win
I have been waiting for this day to come for a long time. Underneath my character is something most people don't see, a die-hard Giants fan. I even wore my Giants shirt to the game. When I discovered that Matt Cain was going to be the start-off pitcher, I just knew they were going to win, which they did. If feel that I did miss out on some of the fun because we were in a Phillies stadium, which restricted my shouts and screams each time we scored. When I go play soccer, we have this ritual like thing in which we shout scoreboard if we won. When the game ended, I honored my soccer friends and screamed "SCORBOARD!" I enjoyed walking out of the stadium because the Phillies fans were very nice, give the Giants fans high fives for the great game. I even received a high five from a guy, who I clearly remember was three rows ahead of us and barged out angrily as the Phillies lost.
Entertainment During The Game....Check Out That Scoreboard
After the game, we had dinner at a semi-authentic Mexican restaurant called Distrito. Some of their food I will have to say was authentic, but others were clearly out of line. They had one dish, a ceviche, that looked and tasted like a shrimp cocktail, not even close to a ceviche. Nonetheless, we had a great time joking around. Tomorrow, we will be going to Ocean City. I am excited for the trip because I will finally be able to use my swimsuit. Water, here I come.

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