Monday, July 30, 2012

Leaving Penn?

Its crazy to be reunited with my parents , after a month of being away. On the drive back home ,I felt as if I were hallucinating. I just felt different, the car , and even the house. The time seemed to go by so fast, and the thought of me being in Philadelphia just that same day  was crazy.

The morning I returned home, I woke up at about 5:30 because my roommate was leaving. We said our goodbye's , and I watched as the door closed all the way , and I knew that I would not be seeing him ever again in my life. It was sad but I will always have the memory of him being my very first roommate, Fred. I then knocked out for a few more hours , so I would be well prepared for the trip to the liberty bell.

Around 7am was when I woke up again , promptly getting dressed so that I could finish up packing. After I was finished packing , I was pretty sure that my bag was under 50 pounds(it was 42.5) I brought my stuff down to Ivette's room , then headed back up to my room so that I could say the last goodbye's to what once was my cave. After about 30 minutes Mr Lawrence was there waiting for us , and we checked out and returned our keys. If we were to had lost the keys , it would cost over 100 dollars. Luckily none of did. Now it was time to head to the liberty bell , so we dropped our bags off at the hotel and got on the SEPTA. Once we got to the liberty bell sight , the sun decided to torture us with heat and humidity. We were relieved once we got inside the building. After we took a few pictures and read a few articles we had lunch and back we were to the hotel to catch our shuttle to the airport.

There , a 5 hour plane ride awaited us. On the plane I did about to things, slept or listened to music. When the plane arrived , I started to get butterflies because I knew that I was finally in the same proximity as all my close friends and my parents. After getting my luggage , I said goodbye to the gang which had truly formed into a family , and there I was riding home in the car thinking about how I felt and thinking about the past month