Social Justice Research Academy

The Social Justice Research Academy at the University of Pennsylvania is a 4-week collaborative process between Penn faculty and students from around the world that will focus on the historical significance and the relevance of struggles to overcome inequality and injustice.

Andrew Lamas is the program director for this summer's Social Justice Research Academy and a longstanding faculty member of Penn's Urban Studies Program.  Joining him are current faculty members of the University of Pennsylvania as well as a few visiting faculty members from around the world.  Together, these professors will deliver lectures and conduct workshops on the different aspects of social justice for this program.  In addition students will participate in activities with community members from all over Philadelphia and really have the chance to immerse themselves in urban projects while they develop skills for leadership and organizational development.  The student's who are going to participate in the Social Justice Research Academy will not simply obtain knowledge from their teachers, but rather they are going to be an integral part of the class and will be challenged to think critically on each of the topics they study.  Student expression is a key part of this summer program and students will be expected to fully participate in group discussions throughout the course.

Students attending the Social Justice Research Academy this summer through the Ivy League Connection Program are Chloe Alston, Cameron Fulton, and Ivette Alejandre.

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