Monday, May 28, 2012

Round of Applause for the ILC

As I prepared for what was to be a wonderful night , I suddenly remembered the year before, when I attended the very same event to support my friend Andrew Gonzales, The excitement my family shared seeing the ILC   in action. Now that I had came back to earth my uncle and checked each others ties and headed out the door as he handed me the keys saying" here you go chauffeur". 

When we arrived I saw the abundance of people and remembered that this wasn't all about the ILC , actual problems in the society concerning education were to be presented . Sitting there hearing the cry's from people who barely spoke english asking very dearly for the district to keep adult english classes just for a simple reason, so they could help their children made me very empathetic for them.

Now that it was the ILC's turn , it was time for me to put on my best smile , and put all the swagger that I had into my walk so that the school board knew that the IlC  is full of confident and excellent students. Holding the UPenn flag, and later receiving my award, gave me a sense of pride and appreciation , that of all the kids in the district I was one of the few to be attending one of these excellent schools.

The most stressful part of the night was  by far the group picture. Me being as tall as I am , a monstrous 6 feet 3 inches, all I had to do was stand in the middle and look pretty , but for all of the others there were a lot of intricate turns to be made that would set the picture off. When the flashings lights had all come to a stop and I was now able to see straight , I realized that picture would be very historical ... At least to me.