Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pinole City Council

On Tuesday May 15 , all student connected with the ILC in Pinole gathered at the Pinole city council meeting , to make a presentation and show the council the future that is coming from Pinole.

When I first arrived at the Pinole city council building, which is literally down the street from my house, I was Surprised at the setup of the room , which was actually like a court. All of the ILC'ers dressed up in our fancy clothes , prepared to make and impression on the council that would stick with them forever. Many of my cohorts had the speech's written out, but I like to practice my impromptu skills that I have acquired over my high school career of forensics. As the seats filled , I was very happy to see one of my dearest friends Andrew Gonzales , which is one of my main influences for being in the ILC. As each of my fellow students gave the speech and stated the different schools they would be attending along with the program , I could tell the council was getting overjoyed at the presence of us eager to learn students. One of the many things that I want to bring back from my trip , are the experiences of a lifetime so that my friends and fellow classmates can vicariously part and get a taste of what college and the ILC is all about.