Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baseball and Juice

Today was Saturday yet there was no mandatory trip, so guess which lucky girl got to sleep in! I cannot remember the last time I had a full eight hours of sleep, but oh it felt wonderful. As soon as I woke up I left the comfort of my bed to get ready for a trip to the gym with Mariko, Clara, Chloe, and Alysa. From reading my blogs, I'm sure you all know by now that I love the gym. If I could, I would seriously live in there, especially the gym here! The gym is five stories, best showers ever, and an awesome pool!

I had never been to a baseball game up until today. I knew some people were really into sports so I was kind of expecting the loud drunk fans, but aside from that I was completely clueless. The only sport I watch on TV is soccer, which means I was lost during most of the game today. I have no idea how baseball works, so I just copied everything Alysa did. If she cheered or clapped then I did too. I think if I knew the rules of the game it would have been more entertaining, but I'm not complaining! I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed the game a lot! I wanted to cheer for the Giants, but I wasn't sure how the drunk Phillie's fans in front of us would have reacted. Well even without my cheering, our team took the win! Go Giants!

I had been doing some research online about Philadelphia's best restaurants, so when Mr. Lawrence asked if there was a certain place where we would like to eat dinner, I knew the perfect place! It is called Distrito, and it is a really modern. new-age Mexican restaurant. Some of the dishes weren't so authentic, but they still earned an A+ from me! Today was one of their "University Days" which means you get two appetizers, two entrees, and one dessert for a small price. I had the shrimp ceviche and jicama salad for my appetizers, mole amarillo and chicken enchilada for my entree, and el fuerte (a chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream) for dessert.

Mariko and Clara at Distrito

 The one crucial factor that made me rank it so high was their Agua de Jamaica. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, Agua de Jamaica is a beverage. It is made from dried hibiscus calyces that have been boiled in water. The water is strained, chilled, and after sugar has been added, ready to drink. I've had Agua de Jamaica in several other places, but it just isn't good. When I saw that it was on the menu I just knew I had to order it, and see if it was as good as my  mom's. I was anticipating the moment when the waitress would deliver it to the table. Oh my gosh. The Agua de Jamaica was perfect. If I had closed my eyes and drank it, I would have really thought I was back in my mom's kitchen. I had to take advantage of my discovery, so I ended up having five glasses before it was time to leave. That restaurant received my seal of approval!

This is what Agua de Jamaica looks like, along with the dead hibiscus calyces.

Tomorrow we are going on our weekend trip to Ocean City, New Jersey. This will be our last trip with Summer Discovery ): . One more week and the program will be over! Time has been going by so fast, which is why tomorrow I am going to enjoy every second of the day!

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