Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lovey Saturday

This was the first Saturday that we haven't gotten up early and piled onto a bus.  Instead of an all-group field trip, we were relinquished from any duties and I spent my day with my Penn cohort and Ian.  From the gym to the Giants game and then onto dinner, I had a super fun-filled day with everyone and I will dearly miss spending my days with all of these people.

I have to say that the Pottruck Gymnasium is the best gym I have been to so far.  It has five floors packed with cardio equipment, a weight room, a pool, a mat room, a basketball court, a golf room, and even a rockclimbing wall!  There may be more awesome rooms within this facility but I have yet to explore all of them.  Since this gym is so close to the quad, I frequent it quite often.  This morning, Ivette, Alysa, Mariko, Clara, and I spent a couple of hours there, and I felt amazing after the workout I completed.

The Giants Vs. Phillies game we went to was so much fun!  However, it was a little bit awkward being a giants fan in a stadium full of red shirts.  Even so, I had a great time, seeing as it was my first live Giants game!  I really need to go to AT&T Park in San Francisco to see them, I think that will be the absolute best experience! 

Tonight, Ian took us to Distrito, a mexican-style restaurant literally one block out of our home area.  The food was really interesting, but very delicious and I loved eating with everyone again!

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