Saturday, July 21, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Even though we all slept in this morning, I'd like to think that it was still a productive morning. The girls of the Penn team all met at 10:30 to go to the gym for a morning workout. After the gym we went back to our dorms to put our belongings up before going to Cosi for a late breakfast. We then went a few stores over to the Penn Bookstore to browse the sweatshirt selection before our chaperone arrived. We spent what seemed like hours in the store trying to decide on sweatshirts. Once the apparel was paid for, we went back to the dorms one more time to be signed out for the baseball game. 

The journey to the stadium was much like any other ride to a sporting event via public transportation: loud with a dull moment never in sight. I always find baseball games to be very fun and this game was no different. After ten innings the Giants defeated the Phillies 6-5(yay!). 

We made our way through the large sea of people going towards the SEPTA station. Our next stop was dinner! We went to a hip Mexican restaurant by the name of Distrito. I was really hoping that we'd get to dine in a taxi, or maybe a school bus seeing as we're a group of eight. Instead we were just seated at a series of smaller tables put together. At Distrito we took part in the Dining Days deal where you get a three course meal for $30 a person. Dinner was filled with many laughs and more great memories.

Tomorrow we are off to the Jersey Shore for a little fun in the sun. Catch ya later!

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