Saturday, July 21, 2012

Phillies Game

This saturday there was no mandatory field trip, so we had the day to ourselves. A week earlier the gang decided that  we were going to go to the Phillies vs. Giants game . I was excited because I had never been to a baseball stadium other than the Oakland A's stadium. I knew how nice  the stadium could be because of the baseball video games I played.

Around 2 pm , we all headed to the Penn bookstore to get our Penn sweatshirts. This was perfect because I was also able to get gifts for my aunt and uncle. There were a lot of cool things in the store, ranging from snap backs to calendars of cats , which Chloe loved. After we all picked out the sweatshirt we liked , we headed to the summer discovery office were we signed out , and then headed to the SEPTA.

When we got off of the SEPTA , I was surprised that the stadium was basically right there. We walked closer to it and I immediately started to wonder why the Oakland A's stadium couldn't be as nice. The way all of the stands were situated made it almost impossible to get a bad seat. Even tho we were three levels up I still felt somewhat close to the field. In the eighth inning the Phillies tied the game, and since this was major league baseball I thought to myself," we might be getting free baseball!" Indeed we did get free baseball, about a whole innings worth. In the top of the 10th the giants scored a run , and held the Phillies in the bottom of the 10th which resulted in a win .

After such an exciting game , all of us were hungry , so we headed to a local Mexican restaurant . The food was very good but after a long day in the sun , the only thing that I was looking forward to , especially after eating all of that food , was a bed. That is exactly what I would be doing when I got back to the dorms and signed in.

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  1. What about your room mate, you never talk about him.