Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jersey Shore

Date: July 22. Importance: last field trip with Summer Discovery. Destination: Ocean City, New Jersey. The bus ride to Ocean city was quick compared to the rides to NYC and Washington, D.C. We arrived around 10:30 AM, with instructions to stay in a 5-block strip of the Boardwalk. With 6 hours to spend, the ILC girls immediately hit the beach to test out the ocean.

The beach was amazing; coming from northern California, we’re all used to freezing temperatures, but the day was sunny and although the water was cold, it was refreshing instead of bone-chilling. The waves were fun to dive through, and we spent a good hour and a half in the water. Eventually, we got hungry and left to go find food.

Clara and Ivette eagerly wait for pizza
After some pizza, frozen custard, and water ice, we spent awhile wandering the shops in search of a One Direction T-shirt for Ivette. She didn’t find one that she liked well enough to buy, and I must say I admire her refusal to settle for something that wasn’t what she was looking for, even for something as trivial as a T-shirt.

We wound up back at the beach again for the later part of the afternoon, splashing around, riding waves, and laughing our heads off. We walked back to the flashpoint with dripping bathing suits and legs caked with sea salt, but satisfied with a day well spent.

Each of the three daytrips has been phenomenal in a different way. New York City was exhilarating because of its chaos and novelty. Washington, D.C. was a little more momentous with its classic architecture and Smithsonian museums. Ocean City was fun and silly, an excellent break before our last week of class. And I’m happy with myself–I remembered to wear sunscreen!

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