Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ocean City, New Jersey

Today was July 22 , which means that there are 6 more days left and also that this was our last field trip with summer discovery. We were headed for Ocean City , New jersey. Everyone rose this morning at about 8 , and were all ready with their swimsuits and towels by 8:30 to get on the bus. The bus ride was rather quick compared to the other trips we took ,approximately a hour and a half.

When we arrived in Ocean City I was happy to find that the weather had gotten better than what it was in Philly. This morning the weather was gloomy , and simply not the type of weather you would want to have at the beach .We had  a total of 6 hours to spend on the there. This may seem like a lot of time , but it flew by like nothing.

I went out on the beach with a few friends and lined up our towels , set our stuff down . and then headed to the boardwalk to get a bite to eat. There were many pizza places , but we decided to eat at subway. After eating , we saw many people with bikes with steering wheels and even with 4 passengers on it. This intrigued  us and made us want to know where we could rent them. By the time we found out the bikes were no longer permitted to be ridden on the boardwalk , which was our home area.We decided to ride the go-carts and play in the arcade for a while before heading back to the beach to absorb the sun. After about an hour nap in the sun , we all decided to go eat again, but this time we got pizza.

We walked around for a little more and played in the sand , and it was almost time to head back to the buses were we would be going back to UPenn. When we arrived at UPenn ,I said my last goodbye's to the buses that had shuttled us everywhere for the last 3 weeks. The last couple of days are coming upon us quickly , so every moment I spend with my new found friends will have to be precious because I know that I wont see them again. 

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