Sunday, July 22, 2012


This morning the campus was buzzing with excitement as if it were a normal weekday. I can't speak for the whole camp, but I know that the girls of the Penn team were looking forward to spending time at a warm beach. When we tell people we're from California, the common misconception is that we spend all of our time on surfboards in the ocean. As this may be somewhat true for our Southern California counterparts, us Bay Area girls don't spend much time at the beach.

At 11:30 AM a crowd was already building up.
Hm.. decisions, decisions. 
 We arrived in Ocean City at about 10:30 and headed straight for the beach. I was immediately surprised by the large amount of people at the beach. We quickly found a nice plot of sand and settled down. We played around in the water for an hour and a half before we decided to go get lunch. Not wanting to spend a lot of time trying to pick a place for lunch, we settled for pizza. It literally took us twenty minutes to decide on a pizza but the sausage, mushroom, and green peppers on the white sauce made of garlic, ricotta, and mozzarella was delicious. After lunch we walked the boardwalk a little before going back into the water. While walking the boardwalk we tried peanut butter and chocolate frozen custard(a frozen treat we were told we absolutely had to try) as well as water ice which is an East Coast specialty. 

In search for a restroom we found our way to the array of rides at the boardwalk. No one else wanted to spend money so Ivette and I rode the Cliffhanger. After exploring the boardwalk a bit more we went back to the beach to swim some more. We spent about an hour in the water then laid out on the beach to dry. Summer Discovery was supposed to meet at 4:30 but we wanted to check out the candy selection at Shriver's Salt Water Taffy Co. so we went over a few minutes early.

The bus ride home was relatively quiet. Instead of people buzzing with excitement, everyone was completely exhausted from a day of fun in the sun. This trip to Ocean City, New Jersey marks the beginning of our last week here. The Penn Team plans to fully utilize all that is available to us this week, including more fun outings!

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