Sunday, July 22, 2012

Swimming With Dolphins

I can't believe it when I say it, but time was not a problem today. I went on a bold move and decided to wake up at 8:00AM, thirty minutes before departure to Ocean City. In those thirty minutes, I was able to get dressed, load up on snacks from Wawa, and apply a little bit more sun screen. I have been waiting for this trip for the longest, especially since the local students, Alec and Neil, kept talking about how fun it was going to be.

We arrived at the boardwalk at 10:30 with only two objectives: 1) get a spot on the beach and 2) have the most fun possible. I am proud to say mission complete. Although it seemed we were going to fail the first objective as we enter the beach, we managed to squeeze in. From there, it seemed that time slowed down, with every minute becoming a hour. It was typical summer beach weather, so after we found terrritory on the beach, the group went in search for ice cream (frozen custard is what I think it was called there). Walking on the boardwalk was the most difficult task in the world because it was swarmed with bike riders. So since walking was difficult, we decided to go rent som bikes for the rest of the day. Well that didn't turn out to be such a good idea because bikes are only allowed on the boardwalk until noon, which didn't give us much time. We did manage to find a Go-Kart track to take away our need for speed. I say that the karts were rigged, especially #19, mine, which was really slow, even though I was flooring it. Think about, I was the lightest of everyone there, my kart should have been the fastest. But when worst comes to worst, I ended up placing 2nd.

No more walking around, time to hit the beach became our chant as we found ourselves exploring the various stores. But when we got the beach again, everybody dropped out of going swimming. What appeared to be 7 eager swimmers, slimmed down to only three: Me, Kim, and Amiir. I for sure was going to get in the water because I haven't been to an actual beach in years. As I swam, I thought to myself, "I'm swimming with dolphins." Even though I couldn't see them, if I were to keep swimming, I would eventually find some. My thought is similar to that of Democritus, who said that if he were to cut an apple continously, there would be an atom. We can't see the atoms, but we know that they are they. I couldn't see the dolphins, but I knew they were there....somewhere.

The Calorie Filled Fried Oreos
After swimming for hours, I got tired and needed to load up on a girl's worst enemy, calories. We went to a pizza parlor, which was easy to find because the boardwalk was filled with them. After eating, I still felt that I need more, but I didn't want to some everyday food. I came to the East Coast for adventure and to explore, so I was going to explore and have adventure. Then as I nearly walked past it, I saw what I needed. Fried Oreos and Fried Snickers. I have seen something similar to this on television, so I just had to try it. It was so good that I could feel it hitting my insides instantly. And no this was no a heart attack, this was my stomach saying it sooooo gooood, yet sooooo baaaaaad. By the way, I ate only three of the five Oreos. The other two also went to adventurous people: Cameron and Tim. Ocean City was the most fun I have had in a short time because honestly, who can forget about Hershey Park.

The Also Delicious Fried Snicker

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