Monday, July 2, 2012

University of Pennsylvania

The excitement that I got by knowing that this was the day I would be moving into college was overwhelming. Things that constantly went through my mind were, “I wonder who my roommate will be, or will there be air conditioning? (The East coast is very hot in the summer) I finally calmed down and decided to just go with the flow of things. After the complimentary breakfast that received from the hotel, we made our way to K-Mart. There we would get all of the necessities that weren’t able to pack in our luggage, such as body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and things of that nature. Here we actually witnessed the environment outside of the college area which is said to be not so pleasant. After this prodigious experience, we were off to UPenn to meet our roommates and settle in for the next month.

Chloe moving into dorms
When we arrived, it was a sad sight because the “gang” that had gotten so close over the past week now had to go their separate ways. It was okay, because we later learned that we would be seeing a lot of each other. After we got all settled in and acquainted with our surroundings, everyone met with their RC’s (our counselors) to head over to the dining hall for dinner. Imagine waiting in a line with 200 plus people. You can imagine what I felt, in 100 degree weather, standing directly under the sun with jeans on. Dinner was rather exciting because I got to interact with people from all around the world such as, China, Rome, and Tai wan.

The next and final step was a rule and regulation sessions were we basically learned all the does and don’ts. By the looks of things we have a lot of space to explore without actually going outside of our boundaries. Check in would be 11 every night were we could be in the mall area but could no longer exit , and at 11:45 we would have to be on our respective floors, and by 12 in our rooms ready for room check. After this, is was so exhausted from the day, that I took a shower and looked over my notes than fell asleep.


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