Monday, July 2, 2012

Bill Berner The Science Learner

Late last night I went to bed atop of my lofted bed with the fear that during the middle of the night I'd fall off the bed and wake the entire floor. I woke up this morning with the surprise that I survived the night. I hurried out of bed at 7:00 AM and prepared for the day. My roommate and I woke up around the same time but we really didn't have time to socialize because we were rushing to meet our friends for breakfast.

We all arrived at McCluland Hall in what seemed like sufficient time to eat. Boy were we wrong. I had to wait in line for about an hour just to get a breakfast sandwich. We hurried back to the quad to be walked to our individual classes.
Have fun in class, Clara!

The physics academy is located in the Rittenhouse building a few blocks from where we are staying. During the first half of physics we went over something that I actually learned in my physics course during my sophomore year. We also did the exact same lab! During lunch I went to set up my PennKey for internet use and wifi. I then want back to class a few minutes earlier. After a second lecture and lab, we were let out at about 3:30.

Professor Bill Berner demonstrating how mirrors can aide in optical illusions.

After classes, we had time to eat dinner and hangout before going to the group orientations and campus tours. The orientation was super fun and gave me even more time to get to know people on my floor as well as some of the males I haven't got to talk to. The activities they have planned all seem to be pretty fun and I can't wait to get out and meet even more people!

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