Monday, July 2, 2012

First Day Of Class

When the alarm clock rang at 7:30 , I immediately thought I was at home preparing for a busy day at school. This was not the case , as I remembered that I would be taking a college course.I immediately got dressed and headed down to the quad for breakfast.Not to my surprise , the line was amazingly long , so I decided to eat one of the many things I had prepared before this trip such as granola bars. While I ate my granola bar I walked around with a few people that I had met the day before and we actually met new people.When our RC's came out they held up signs for the particular academies , so I headed over to mine. There I waited for everyone to arrive and we headed over to our classroom. Which we would be doing on our own for the next 26 days.

When I entered the classroom the seats were arranged in groups of four. I sat with someone I did not know , and when it was time to play a game to get to know each other , we found out that we both have a brother that is 27 years old ,  played basketball, works at a bank ,and who also has a tattoo or two.I was very excited at the fact that I got to meet someone that lives in Turkey whom was born in India.The class itself was very interesting itself. We viewed the schedule for weeks to come , and we have many interesting things coming up, such as museums.We actually discussed a view different topics today such as an issue on freedom.

After classes we had a couple hours to hang out with one another until we had to meet once again for a tour of our boundaries. We discovered a couple nifty places to eat, and even a movie theater that we will be attending every Friday night with our RC groups. When that was complete we had the rest of our nights to chill but most importantly make sure we signed in by 11pm and in our rooms by 1145pm.

It is very good that Don has us doing blogs because it really makes us think about all the things the we are able to do through this program, and also think our day through.For example upon writing this blog I knew that I had to sign in by 11. When I went to the office at approximately 945 , they turned me around and said come back at 10. Well, I went back to my room and got very comfortable. When I mentioned signing in by 11 above it was approximately 1050, and I hadn't signed in yet.So me and my roommate dashed over to the office and signed in ON time.What a scare. Thank you Don and the ILC!

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