Monday, July 2, 2012

Meet The New Resident Of 108-b, Hopkinson!

My bags were packed, teeth brushed, breakfast was over, and we were all ready to go. That would be the last morning I would be waking up in a hotel room. The last morning I would be waking up next to my roomie, Alysa! Our cohort spent five days together, and since the dinner at Tony's we have all become extremely close. Now everybody is in different rooms, and it feels as if we will never see each other. 

Okay, so we walked to the campus from The Sheraton , and were greeted by a young man in a bright blue shirt. It took almost no time at all for all of us to get our envelopes containing everything we needed to get started. One by one Mr. Lawrence dropped us off at our dorms, and made sure we were all settled in before moving onto the next person.

I really wanted to beat my roommate, and get to our dorm room first. But I was still a bit dissappointed when I opened the door and saw two empty beds. I guess I was kind of hoping that she'd be there to welcome me. Well, she wasn't, so I welcomed myself. My dorm room is a double, it has two beds, two wardrobes, two desks, a sink, and three juxtapositioned windows. The beds are pretty high up, and that's because there are drawers underneath them. They are rubbery, and feel very hard. The wardrobes are big enough for me to hang up every single item of clothing I brought with me, so super happy about that! They also have two drawers right underneath the main part. The desks are are also very spacious. Power outlets are not  under the bed! I am so glad about that, they are in very convenient locations. The lighting is a bit dim, but I like it, because it reminds me of every restaurant our cohort dined in. Our bed frames, desks, and wardrobes are all made from the the same wood. The AC isn't working too well in the room, but I don't mind. Once everything was unpacked, I went to the quad where I met my RC.

Every Sunday we will be eating dinner at the King's Court, so we all walked over together. The food was buffet style, and they had a bit of everything. Everybody was just as nervous as I was, so it wasn't hard to find somebody to sit with. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, because we didn't know what to say to each other. Eating in silence was the cool thing to do for the night. After we ate, we walked over to the chemistry labs, and the orientation began. We were told about our next four weeks, the rules, what to expect, and the activities we would be able to participate in.  I thought this program was going to be super serious and strict, so I was so relieved when Ed Healy began  to crack jokes in between his speech. I was also surprised when he welcomed us (ILCers) by name. I don't know if he knows all of the 260 kids' names, but it was really kind of him to memorize ours. One long orientation, a meeting with my RC, and a much needed shower later,  and I am in bed exhausted from the long day. My rommate never showed up, so I spent my first night alone. I turned off the lights, and prohibited myself from thinking about the epmty bed across from mine

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