Monday, July 2, 2012

The Tortoise, The Hare, and Physics

I woke up this morning shivering under my blanket, dreading putting my feet down on the cold floor.  It turns out that if you leave the AC on high all night, the room gets freezing cold by the time you wake up.  I went to breakfast around 8, thinking I would have enough time to eat before meeting for class at 8:30.  I was sadly mistaken.  The breakfast line was long and slow and I only had time to grab a few bites before being ushered off to class.

Physics is held in the David Rittenhouse Lab, about a ten minute walk from my dorm.  I love that just walking to class takes me through the city streets and past a lot of fun sights. In the morning, we reviewed Kinematics, the physics of motion.  We analyzed the physics involved in the tortoise and the hare fable and mimicked the situation in the lab.Even though I had learned some of this in my physics class, I loved getting a different perspective and going to the college labs.  Our professor, Bill Berner, let us out a little early for lunch hoping we would return a little more energetic.  

The beautiful and green quad
After lunch, we did a lesson and lab about optics.  I was especially excited about this because my high school physics class did not cover optics.  We used lenses to focus lights and we even got a clear image of the hall window from the opposite end of the hall.  All the students finished their labs early, so we got to leave at 3:15 instead of the scheduled 4:30.  Our days should follow the same general pattern with lessons in the morning and labs in the afternoon.  

After class, I hung out with Mariko and some students I had met in Physics.  I'm happy to be meeting people already, especially from so many diverse backgrounds. After dinner, which we ate at the Houston Market, we went on a tour of the safe "Home Area."  I can't wait for our second day of class tomorrow, and the 4th of July on Wednesday, when we will hopefully get to do something with Mr. Lawrence. 

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