Monday, July 2, 2012

I Love Lasers

I woke up today before my alarm, something that I thought would have never happened. But the strong summer sun pierced through the blinds and managed to wake me up. Then I took my first dorm shower, which was very fun. I was in that half asleep and half awake stage before I took my shower. Bam! It hit me, classes started today!

All the students met up in the quad to be walked to their classes. This helped me a great amount because the school is enormous compared to other college campuses that I have been to. Bill Berner, our professor, is very funny, has a great personality, and seems really cool to talk to. I stop to wonder, all college professors are like this, I love it. We started class with Kinematics. That word has never came up in my high school class, which intimidated me. But then I learned that it is the physics of motion, which is something I did know and took all the nerves away. After the lecture, a comedic one that involved the tale of how the tortoise beat the hare. We later when into the lab for some hands-on experiment involving  use moving in a position-time graph, where we had to try to match the graph by walking back and forth. We do a few more experiments and then we let our early for lunch.

My Lab Partners and The Fan on a Car Experiment

When we came back from lunch, we had an interesting lesson and lab on optics. The lesson was very entertaining as well as informing. I especially loved Bill's illusion of levitating and added on to the fun by saying we were "Breaking the Laws of Physics." We did three labs that involved measuring a lense's radius using a microscope, using a lense to view the window, and finding the index of refraction with lasers and a plastic triangle. All three were very fun and cool, but I liked the lasers one the best. Our group finished at about 3PM, and it seemed that everyone else got out by 3:20PM. I met up with some of the students and decided to explore the campus a bit more.


We went to dinner at Houston Market, which was very good. I think that they had an extra amount of curly fries because I asked for some and the lunchman filled up my plate. When I met up with other students, they all appeared to have gone through the thing. After dinner, we had an all student campus tour around the entire home area. The more I walked around the campus, the more I loved it, but then we walked by it...the fitness center. I love working out, but that I can't go because I am 15, I feel that it has actually helped me meet new friends. For example, instead of going to the gym to slip on my headphones and forget about the outside world, I decided that I am going to be doing a lot more of the physical activities that involve teamwork, the basis of friendship. New friends, new life, and most importantly new experience here I come.

Kyle, Jacob, Me, and Jacob

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