Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ribs on Ribs on Ribs

I slept in a little bit earlier this morning than normal seeing as it was our first Sunday and I had no activities planned today.  It was nice to actually rest because I think this is the first day since we left home that we have had a full day unplanned.  In between my resting periods, I read through the books that we were assigned to in class:  Crack Capitalism and An Essay on Liberation.  These books focus a lot on what needs to be done to change the current Establishment and overthrow capitalism.  I read the assigned sections of each book, but tomorrow I think I am going to finish them up because they're really interesting and explained a lot of ideas that I had never thought about before.  In total, we have nine books that we are going to read and discuss, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the last four that we had read so far.  I'm excited and interested to talk about the content of these books in class and continue reading the others!

Since it is Sunday, the program we are in does not provide breakfast, but rather a later brunch.  We ate at King's Court this morning for the second time; we ate here for lunch last Sunday as well.  I am happy that we use meal swipes at this cafeteria instead of conference dollars because we have unlimited meal swipes and a total of $250 conference dollars for the whole four weeks we are here.  Through a meal swipe I am able to get as much food as I want, which is exactly what I did this morning because I was super duper hungry.  They have a greater variety of foods at King's Court too, so I definitely enjoyed my brunch there. 

For dinner tonight, Ian took us over to a restaurant that is actually right across the street from King's Court.  This place is called Baby Blue's BBQ, so of course I got some ribs!  I feel like I haven't had ribs in such a long time until tonight.  Since all the platters come with cornbread and two sides of your choice, I decided to get half a rack along with some collard greens and mashed potatoes.  This meal was so delicious!  I absolutely loved the food and our waiter was really helpful and funny.  If anyone comes to University City in Pennsylvania I definitely recommend eating at this awesome restaurant.  Good choice Ian!

Tomorrow I am especially excited to go to class because we will be joined by Prof. Filip Kovacevic from Montenegro, who teaches political psychology and leadership studies at the University of Montenegro.  For our class he will be presenting a lecture and leading a discussion on Political Street Theater and Youth Activism (See class syllabus for more information).  I am thrilled that we are going to have professors from all over the world coming to speak to us, it is such an incredible opportunity.  Can't wait!

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