Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Week of College

The first absolutely free day of my voyage to the east coast was well spent with a lot of sleep.By a lot of sleep I mean that I actually got my full 8 hours of sleep.This was very refreshing ,because when I decided to get up I was not at all tired.I did my usual morning routines and then met the rest of the gang and headed to Kings court for brunch. I actually ate breakfast which consisted of "pounds" of Froot loops. Mmmmm mmm good. I hadn't had a bowl of cereal in months.Along with cereal I also added sausage ,eggs, and potatoes. 

After breakfast the day was what we made of it. I decided to ,along with Chloe, start on the books that we were supposed to read for class. They were very interesting and made me take a different look at our society. In the middle of reading we got a text from Mr Lawrence telling us that he would take use out to dinner that night. We were all excited because we hadn't seen nor talked to him in a while. Well OK just a couple days but we have grown so close to him that its hard to forget the first week that we all spent together.

Mr Lawrence finally got here and we all signed out and headed to Baby Blues BBQ. This was going to make for good eating. Ribs , cornbread,Collard greens, Mac 'N' Cheese etc. Soul food.I ordered a baby back rib with mac'n'cheese and baked beans.It sure was messy but how good it was surely over took the messiness. I cant believe we left El Cerrito 13 days ago.This is one of the best trips ever!
Dinner At Baby Blues BBQ

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