Saturday, June 30, 2012

Welcome To Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Another day of rest was handled well as we rose at 9 am. We decided to eat brunch instead of breakfast so that we could have more time for a day full of travel. We went to a local spot recommended by the drake hotel. When we got there , it was just like home , I got my normal English muffin with eggs and bacon( mmh mmmh mmh).After breakfast we headed to Navy pier. We walked Lakeshore drive and even along the the beach.

When we arrived at Navy Pier , I was surprised at all the fun interactions that were available. Although I wasnt able to experience any of these fun activity, as we had only 30 minutes, I vicariously participated through the children that came out with smiles on their faces.After this we walked back to the Drake hotel and off were went to the airport  ready to go to Philadelphia.

When we arrived in Philly we all put are clocks a hour ahead and off we went to the hotel , which would be our last night together :(. But we all are excited for Penn!

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