Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hello, Philly!

Today was a day for rest and recovery!
After waking up an hour later than I planned( 9 AM instead of the initial 8 AM), Ivette and I went down to the lobby to meet the cohort. We left all twenty-four bags with the bell captain at the Drake Hotel and then we walked to breakfast.

 For breakfast we dined at Tempo Cafe which was a couple of blocks from the hotel. We waited for what seemed like hours in the hot sun until we were finally called in. Over breakfast we discussed all the schools we visited so far and what we liked about them all. We also discussed fun moments so far on the trip. We all share the excitement of moving into dorms tomorrow and meeting our roommates.

We then walked along the beach to get to Navy Pier. All of us agreed that the water was really tempting and we all wanted to go swimming. When we reached Navy Pier we walked along the pier and took in all the beautiful sights. We spent a few hours at the pier then decided it was time to head back. The walk back to the hotel seemed so much longer than the walk there, but it was a nice workout. Once we arrived at the hotel, we got our luggage then piled into yet another shuttle van.

The next few hours were quite boring, as they were spent in the airport and on a plane. Right now we're having a "blogging party" and sharing our expectations for the program we will participate in less than twelve hours.

Next time I blog, it'll be from the comforts of my new dorm room.

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