Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Next Stage

After days of college tours and five star dinners, we have finally arrived to Philadelphia to begin the next stage of our journey: UPenn. Today, I woke up at 9:00AM with mixed feelings. I was sad because we were leaving Chicago, which I think is a very fantastic city. But then again, I was excited to go to Philadelphia and start the Experimental Physics Program. I didn't have to pack much because I finish most of it last night. Our cohort met up at 10:20AM in the lobby of the Drake. I loved the Drake so much that I think I will be Drake-sick instead of homesick at Penn. We ate brunch at Tempo Cafe.

Ivette, Alysa, and Clara
After brunch at Tempo Cafe, we walked to Navy Pier. The temperature was similar to that of Northern California. The morning was cloudy and windy, but then developed into something hot with a slight drizzle of rain.  The pier was filled with tons of entertainment. There was multiple musicians, rides, and boat rides. Unfortunately, time was not with us because we had to go back to go to the airport. At the airport, we had our final dinner in Chicago at Chili's. I am going to miss Chicago, but feel like I will get over at once we are at UPenn. I think that as much as I want to go to sleep, I am going to be too jumpy about going to UPenn tomorrow.
Chicago From Navy Pier

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