Sunday, July 15, 2012


After getting a full night of rest I was fully energized, recharged, and ready to go shopping today. At 12:00 I met with Ivette, Cameron, David and some the rest of the Summer Discovery kids who chose to go shopping rather than ice skating. We boarded three separate school busses and endured a half hour drive with no air-conditioning to the King of Prussia mall. Upon arrival, Ivette and I had it set in our minds that we would conquer the whole mall in the less than four hours they gave us. Various people told us that it was nearly impossible to see the whole mall in one day, we did it.

Shopping around was great and I enjoyed being with someone who loves retail therapy as much as I do. On the ride back, Ivette and I shared our purchases with one another and the outrageous sales we encountered. We arrived back on campus shortly after 5:00 and Ivette and I set off to do laundry. The rest of the program had not yet returned from ice skating so the quad was rather quiet. The next few hours were spent finishing up laundry and preparing for the week to come.

At 8:00 the complete Penn Team(including chaperone) set off for what has become a routine Sunday dinner. Tonight's dinner would be at Pod, a local Asian fusion restaurant. The ambiance in Pod was amazing. When we first arrived, we were seated in the lounge area while our seating area was prepared. Within fifteen minutes, we were led to a pod in which we would have our dining experience. The pod is almost exactly what one would picture when you mention "pod". We ate in a circular, almost egg-shaped area that was kind of set off from the rest of the restaurant. In addition to the area being a cool shape, we also had full control of the lighting! Throughout our meal we changed the lights to colors that would better fit whichever course we were eating.

We walked back to campus with full stomachs and lots of laughs. We bid farewell to our chaperone as he signed us in and we all hurried to our dorms to escape the rain. Saying goodbye was a reminder that tomorrow marks the beginning of our third week of classes.

Farewell, must rest up for a full day of class!

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