Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Funday Sunday

Today I got to sleep in until 10 am. This felt so refreshing ,because I hadn't gotten this much sleep and a while and it really rejuvenated my energy. I got dressed and headed down to King Court for some brunch, in preparation for our trip to King of Prussia mall. As I have been told this is a rather huge mall with just about any store that you would want in it. When we walked to the buses , I was expecting the top of the line tour buses with air conditioning that we usually get , but instead we had the regular yellow buses that I am accustomed to. When we were seated on the bus it was really hot. The bus was not moving but you would think that having the windows down would at least provide some assistance in the heat struggle , but in fact did not. When we started to move , the air finally began to flow throughout the bus.

We arrived at the King of Prussia mall and I received a text from a friend from class asking what part of the mall we were going to be dropped of at. This made me actually think of how big this mall could actually be. I soon found out that there are two huge section which are both two stories and pretty lengthy. One walk around the first floor could literally be the hilltop mall back home. We spent about 4 hours walking around , and observing people as they bought items from Gucci and Louis Vuitton. A belt that cost 500 dollars is way out of the range , as I can buy at least 25 belts for that price and those would last me a lifetime. Being at this mall was very fun , but after walking about 2 miles , it was time to go home. We loaded up the buses and headed back to UPenn.

When we got back , it was just in time for me to tune in for the Street League competition( Professional Skateboarding). It was aired live on Many of my favorite skateboarders such as Nyjah Huston (skateboarding prodigy) , Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez , and many others were in attendance. There were three main parts . The Run section, the technical section, and the big section. The scores system went up to 10 but those have never happened. There is a 9 club because tricks that score in this region are some of the rarely seen. When the competition was in the Big section(one of the most important sections), I headed to dinner with the gang , along with Ian. We were going to what was known as a pretty snazzy Asian fusion restaurant called Pod. The atmospere of the restaurant was very colorful . Many of the lights changed color about every 20 seconds or so. I decided what to eat, which was a california roll , macadamia chicken stir fry , and a mocha brownie to top it off. The food was very exciting and the pod which we sat in was even more interesting. There were different color buttons on the wall , that indicated the colors we could change the lights inside our pod. The colors ranged from bright red to white. The most difficult color to eat under would have to be the bright pink. It did something with my eyes that I did not like. To top the night off it started to rain heavily in the middle of our meal. That meant it would be a long walk back to the dorms without an umbrella or jacket. This east coast weather has really got me, whether it be the humidity of the rain  while the sun is out.

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