Sunday, July 15, 2012

Anyone Homesick?

Today, I woke up stretching my arms as if I went through some type of hibernation mode, trying to become mobile for the day ahead of me. I started my day by going to brunch with Clara and Mariko, and then later joined by Cameron.  We arrived early, giving us the chance to get a little bit of everything without the hassle of waiting in line. Each of us signed up for activities, so we ate rather quickly because we had to be at the quad by 12:00PM.  Most of our cohort was going to King of Prussia Mall, which was something I was looking really forward to all week.
We arrived to what seemed to be a small town, but in reality was this massive shopping complex, probably how it got the name King of Prussia. Cameron, Tim, Daniel, and I grouped together to go shopping. We quickly tried to find a map of the mall, so that we wouldn’t get lost, but luckily Daniel has been to the mall so many times, that he was able to take us everywhere. Although we were able to go almost everywhere, we weren’t able to buy everything.
As we left the comfort of the mall’s interior and walked to the buses, we were hit with what I believe was the highest humidity ever. I felt that I wanted to sweat, but was already covered with a layer of gross, salty water. Getting onto the bus didn’t help either because they were school buses and not the comfy coach buses. So for the whole ride back, the windows were pulled as far down as possible, allowing for a slight breeze to form. During the ride, I noticed how little men actually buy compared to the women. All the guys had one or two bags, while the women had about six to seven from different stores, and I thought I was excited for this trip.
We got back at around 5:00PM, giving me three hours of free time before our 8 o’clock cohort dinner at Pod. I called back home for about two hours, got caught up on the lasted stories, and then shared my own. While I was talking with my family, I started feeling somewhat homesick. I say what got to me was the mentioning of food and then me talking about how bad the Mexican food is over here. After the long conversation, I went to go play pool with some dormmates. It helped get my mind away from being homesick, but now that I am writing this, I just resurrected the feeling.
Our cohort went out to dinner to a restaurant called Pod. It was a very cool because we were seated in a pod that gave us the power to change the color of the light. At first we experiment with all the colors. Some were really strong, so we stuck with the lighter colors. This didn’t last so long due to our adventurous nature that led us to try the stronger colors. Getting back to Penn became a challenge, not because we were stuffed, but because it was raining like crazy. We got back, soaking wet, I just feel bad for our chaperon who had to walk back to the Sheraton in the rain. The weekend was incredible, with numerous new experiences, but now I just can’t wait to get back to Physics.

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