Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lasers, Lasers Everywhere

My academic day was cut short when we were released to work on our presentations at lunch time. Before lunch we worked in our final lab groups to find the speed of light. My group was the last to finish because we has a hard time getting the equipment to work. After receiving help from every staff member available we were able to run our tests which literally only lasted a couple of seconds.

I went over to Houston Market with Elena and grabbed my lunch to go. I ate my bacon cheeseburger as I did my final load of laundry. I do not plan to wash any more clothes while on this trip. At 2:45 I went to Clara's room to work on our group presentations on exponential decay and our roller coaster analysis. We had a difficult analyzing the data we obtained from the ride but after we figured it out it was smooth sailing from there. I went back to my room to put my laptop away and put on closed toe shoes before going to dinner which would almost immediately be followed by laser tag.

The girls of the Penn Team ate a quick dinner and returned to the quad to check in for our trip. The ride to Ultrazone was lengthy due to the amount of afternoon traffic on the freeway. I could tell we were all ready to beat our opponents. For the first 40 minute round I was on the yellow team amongst the rest of my cohort. We tried to shoot our lasers at as many opposing players as we could. There was a lot of ground to cover and 40 minutes really isn't a lot of time when you're having fun. Yellow team won! For the second round I moved over to the blue team with Cameron and David. Unfortunately this time around, the yellow team won once again. I was very proud of everyone for showing such great sportsmanship as I know a lot of people tend to get very competitive.

The ride back to campus was shorter than the ride there and was just as quiet. I've noticed that towards the end of the day, everyone starts to lose their energy and they start to settle down. Tomorrow we begin our group presentations in physics which will take place in the Fisher-Bennett Hall due to a convention of physics teachers visiting the Rittenhouse laboratories. Tomorrow is also the month-a-versary of the Penn Team! As each day passes, it is harder and harder to believe that just four weeks ago we were arriving and in a few days we will be departing

So long!

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