Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Laser Tag Anyone?

My morning started off with an early trip with Mariko. I went to sleep early the night before, so getting out of bed wasn't a problem. After the gym, Mariko and I joined Clara for breakfast. We had about an hour before class started, therefore we took our time eating. They left around 8:25 since their class is quite a walk. My class is three minutes from the quad, so I went back to my room to clean up a bit before heading to class.

Prof. Lamas started off the morning class with a video about the origins of a factory setting, and how it has developed through the decades. Frederick Taylor was the main character in the video, he is credited for inventing scientific management. About an hour into this topic, a guest speaker arrived to the class, Sean Green. Sean Green is an admissions officer at Penn. He told us everything we needed to know about the application process, the opportunity and access, tuition, financial aid, and a ton of statistics about the current alumns at Penn and other Ivy League Schools. I'm a rising junior so I still haven't gave much thought as to where I want to go to college, the only thing I'm sure of right now is that I do want to go. I would love to go to an Ivy League School, but before Sean's presentation I thought it just wasn't possible for me. Now, after hearing all about the different opportunities and how much help is available, I know I will be applying to the University of Pennsylvania.

The afternoon class was back under Prof. Lama's control. We finished watching the video from the morning class, and talked about it. Prof. Lamas then played for us half of a Charlie Chaplin video. He would stop about every thirty seconds, and we would interpret the scenes we just saw. At about 4:30, we were dismissed.

There is always something going on here, a trip, an activity in the quad, or some kind of social gathering. Today we had the option of going to a Phillie's game, tie-dye in the quad, or playing laser tag. I went to a Phillie's game on Saturday with my Penn cohort, so I didn't wan to do that. It was then between tie-dying or laser tag, it wasn't a tough decision. I chose laser tag! I have never played laser tag before, I had never even heard of it! Alysa and Chloe told me it was really fun and that I would really like it, and they were so right. I was a bit scared at first, because the room where we played was really big and pretty dark, but in the end I think that's what made it fun. I'm really glad I went!

I don't know if anybody besides the Penn cohort knows what tomorrow is, but it is a super special day! Tomorrow is our Monthaversary! Yes, it's almost a whole month that we've spent together. We wanted to go historical sight seeing, but we get out too late to be able to do that, so Mr. Lawrence will be taking us out for what will be our last dinner together on the East Coast. Time has gone by so fast!

I would like to end my blog by wishing a very close friend of mine, Tayler Ward, a very happy birthday!

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