Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tag Or Be Tagged

Mission complete. I was able to wake up earlier, by 20 minutes so that I can get to those delicious chocolate chip bagels at Einstein Bros. Even my roommate woke up earlier, which just tells you how delicious these bagels. Then as we were exiting our dorm, our two man mission became a staggering five man mission. As we reached the head of the line, we were in shock, they were out of chocolate chip bagels, within twenty minutes of being opened. But I got over it, noticing that there was still many others to chose from. As my roommate is ordering, magic happens, they bring out another batch of chocolate chips. Breakfast has never been better.

Instead of having a lecture for the morning, we continued our lab on the speed of light. I thought that getting the wires all in the right spot was hard, but man getting the laser to hit the mirror that is 50ft. away was even harder. To add on to the level of difficult, our whole system was on a cart with no brakes, so if we tried to adjust the oscilloscope, we ended up moving the laser, which ruined everything.  But after mutliple slight adjustments to the mechanism, we were finally able to get solid readings. And then with Craig's help, we were able to translate the readings and find the speed of light. After the project, we had the rest of the day to work on our presentations or to go to lunch. Since half of my group was still working, I went with the other half to lunch.

At first, it was only Michael and I working on the exponetial growth presentation. Kim joined us later because at Ocean City he stepped on a nail and had a doctor's appointment for the incident. We finished our first presentation with our first hour of working. Then, we had a failed attempt to analyze our Hershey Park data. Apparently, all the data we saved, would overlap when we tried to view it on datastudios. It made it harder for us to single out our best results, which were covered by a failed attempt and a couple test drives. We decided on working on that presentation with Bill tomorrow and finish the cloud chamber presentation.

After a few hours of working, there was of a necessary union break on everyone's face. We split up again, half went for a nap and the others went for smoothies before our evening activities. If anyone ever goes to Penn, I recommend a strawberry mango smoothie from the fruit salad vendor just outside the entrance of the quad. The smoothie is the perfect for any hot day at Penn, which will be all of summer.

In the evening, the Penn cohort went to laser tag. I have never ever played laser tag before in my life, but I had an expectation of how to play. I am proud to say that for a first timer, I ranked 11th and then 7th out of 41 people. Nonetheless, everybody had fun and a great time, smiling and laughing as the final game ended. Today's meeting with my RC was not about movies, but about leaving. I have enjoyed every moment at Penn, I know that I will miss all my friends, instructors, the staff, and most of all Penn.

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