Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two Games Of Laser Tag

This morning , I had a really h. ard time getting up. The alarm went off once , the alarm went off twice, and I still was not up. Me going to sleep at 2 in the morning might have had a slight contribution to that. However , I managed to get out of bed and dressed by 8:50 , and make a 5 minute walk to class.

Today we finally , after about a week, got a lecture from Professor Lamas. He started of by showing us a 25 minute film , in which he stopped at selected points so that we could analyze what was going on.After the first stop , many people saw that the director was comparing a group of men to herd of sheep. This was saying that they were being led and controlled by some force other then themselves. After about an hour , we got a guest speaker by the name of  Sean Green , who is an admissions officer at Penn. He told us everything there was to know about getting into Penn , from the application process , financial aid, to tuition. He also presented a lot of statistics relating to the student body at Penn. 

After lunch , we dove back in to the video with Professor Lamas. This time we went more in depth in discussing what was going on and what might have caused particular reaction in the characters. If we were not interpreting the film, it has potential to be rather entertaining.

Class got out about 30 minutes early, and that was good because it gave us all time to rest before we headed out to play laser tag. I like laser tag a lot because it reminds me of a video game I play , and it can get pretty competitive. Many of cohorts had never played before , so I was glad I got to play with them for their first times. There were 3 teams, a yellow , blue , and a red , with about 30 players. After about 2 games of running around and shooting my lasers at people it was time to go home.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow , not as much as the girls, because it is our "monthaversary"( a term used to describe being together for precisely a month). We will being going out to eat with Mr Lawrence and think back on the past month of all the fun we have had together.

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  1. Laser tag for the win! It’s a given that this game is a fun recreational activity, but what I like most is it develops team work. In order to win the battle, everyone must trust each other and work together. =)

    Dianne Holt