Monday, July 23, 2012

Guest speakers

This morning started the last week of summer discovery. Somewhat saddening knowing that each day would be the last , but on the other hand I am going home in 4 days. Home sweet home. One thing that I know is that our backyard better be done. Today , class was going to be taught by to guest speakers. Lin Shuan Lu would have the morning session and Arnold Farr would have the afternoon session. 

Lin Shuan Lu spoke on the topic of accounting. One of the topics was how to figure out how wealthy a person is by subtracting what they owe from what there actual value is. The actual value could be anything they have that is valuable.We also learned how to read an income statement and balance sheet. The income statement shows the flow of money and the balance sheet shows were you are financially at that point and time .This was a very interesting topic because it dealt with a lot of math which is one of my favorite subjects. Other topics discussed in the lecture include business and financing. 

After lunch we met in our second classroom , and Arnold Farr joined us to speak about famous philosophers , and liberation up which he shared a lot of personal stories. Professor Lamas originally didn't have him on the schedule and was really sad about it, but he some how made a way for him to be there. We were all happy that he was able to show because Professor Lamas told us great things about him and we all knew what to expect.

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