Monday, July 23, 2012

Do Not Try This At Home

Today was a rather exciting day for our physics class. Because a large convention of physics teachers will be visiting later this week, we will not have access to the Rittenhouse laboratories so Bill spent the whole morning showing us exactly what happens in the demo lab we hear so much about. 

Bill hangs from ceiling as he discusses oscillating waves with the class.
Bill started off with smaller demonstrations that involved somewhat normal items such as soda cans, water, salt, and plastic containers. As the morning progressed, his demos consisted of more and more unusual items. Bill used a toaster oven and a plastic bag to explain how convection works in a hot air balloon. The morning was extremely entertaining and had us all on the edge of our seats. To conclude the presentation on demos, Bill blew up a miniature house. I believe the idea was to demonstrate the purpose of the lightening rod, but blowing up things is always fun. 

After lunch we were divided into our lab groups for our final assignment. This week we will be measuring the speed of light with devices we build ourselves. My group members are Elena, Neil, Joaquim, and Daniel. I've never had the chance to work with the boys in this group so I am excited to experience it. I like to think that Elena and I make a good team; today we built both sensor circuits on our own with the help of a diagram provided to us. When I look back just four short weeks ago, I can see tremendous growth in my knowledge of physics.

Once class concluded Ivette, Clara, Mariko, and I went to Center City to do some site seeing and eat dinner. This was our first time going to Center City and probably the last time we'd get to go. I wish we would have made time to go earlier in the month because there seemed to be so much to see. After visiting one last store we found our way to a nearby SEPTA station and caught the trolley back to campus located at 37th and Spruce. 

Tomorrow we will measure the speed of light in class and play laser tag later on in the evening.
Good night!

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