Friday, July 20, 2012

I Love These Rainy Days

This week of class has been jam packed with information from many different perspectives, so Prof. Lamas decided to give us the morning off today.  One of our T.As, Nantina, told us all about a protest in support of the tomato workers who supply tomatoes for Chipotle.  We were suppose to meet at 11:30 PM to leave for the protest, but due to the rainy weather it was postponed until next week.  Instead, I ended up going to Center City with three friends from class.

We spent the next two hours exploring the Center City area and since two of my friends, Alanna and Katy, are both from Philadelphia they knew their way around really well and also explained the history behind many of the buildings to me.  I didn't spend time inside the stores, because I didn't want to spend too much money, but we did plenty of window shopping, as stores lined the streets we walked along.  By around 1:30 PM, we all got on the subway and headed back to University City.

In the few hours of class we had today, a couple groups of students presented videos they had made during the time the rest of us were doing the Theater of the Oppressed workshops.  In one video, the group members interviewed people on the topic of social justice.  After watching this video, we discussed what the people's responses to the student's questions were and we analyzed how the questions were asked as well.  The conversation was really interesting and I had a great time reflecting on all of the concepts we learned today.  I can't believe that next week is our last week here!  I'm already sad to have to leave, but I have definitely taken a lot from this program and plan on fully enjoying and soaking up the information I learn next week in class!

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