Friday, July 20, 2012

A Day At The Museum

Even though today was only Friday, I got to indulge in the pleasure of sleeping in. Our physics class met at 9:15 AM in front of the quad to board the busses headed to the Franklin Institute of Science and Technology. When we arrived at the museum we were greeted by a sea of children. It seemed as if every single summer camp in the city of Philadelphia chose this day for their trip to the local museum. For the next couple of hours we had to fight and push through crowds of loud five-year-olds. 

Jessica, Mariko, Clara, and I decided to stick together to see the museum. Our initial plan was to start at the top of the museum and make our way down but when we had trouble actually figuring out how to get up to the fourth floor we decided to just goo see what seemed interesting to us. After we viewed Foucalt's Pendulum, an experiment designed to showcase the rotation of the Earth, we began our journey. Throughout the next few hours we went through many different exhibits. My favorite part was getting to walk through a huge heart that is just the right size for a two hundred and fifty foot giant. Before lunch I got the chance to bicycle across the atrium of the museum. It was very neat to be up above all of the guests. I felt as though the bike was losing balance and I was going to fall over a lot of the time. Good thing I'm not afraid of heights! 

We ate lunch with our meal voucher at the museum food court. For the remainder of our trip we kind of took it easily and walked around without care. We got a chance to see everything we wanted to so we visited the Sports Challenge and Isaac Newton's Loft which are areas that both feature a ton of hands-on activities.

Before leaving the museum I picked up a t-shirt from the gift store that I absolutely love. When we arrived at the museum I explained to my group how much I wanted a t-shirt with some type of science saying on it and I wasn't leaving the museum without one. The shirt I got from the store says "May the F=ma be with you." Yay for Star Wars and physics references!

At 6:00 the entire camp headed to the local theater to watch the new batman movie. I wasn't really excited at first but once I saw all the excitement my friends had I was just as eager to get to the theater as they were. The movie was great and totally worth us having to wait half an hour for. 

Tomorrow we are going to a baseball game with our chaperone. I love that you can partake in one of America's favorite past times no matter where you are in the country. I'm totally looking forward to yet another fun weekend with all of the wonderful people I've met here.

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