Friday, July 20, 2012

A Chill Friday

This week has been jam packed with tons of learning. So much so that professor Lamas decided to give us the morning off. I gladly took this as an opportunity to sleep and rejuvenate my energy so that I would be ready for class later in the afternoon. In the mean time , A friend from class came knocking on my door, so I got dressed and met up with the rest of my friends and  headed to the dining hall. There was almost know one in the dining hall so I decided to get my first cheese-steak. As I waited for it to come my mouth was watering because everyone else got their food before me, But when I got mine, I basically devoured it. It was amazingly good. 

By the time we finished eating , it was time for class. Today's class was a little more laid back. The students that decided to skip the theater of the oppressed presented their video on the public's view on social justice.( We then had a conversation on the possible reason that people answered the way they did, which consequently led to other conversation were we all expressed our opinions. The last week of class is coming and I have truly learned a lot throughout the whole class.

After class it was time to see Dark night. Early this morning I heard about the massacre in Colorado and wondered what would lead a person to do such a thing. Despite that, we had a whole theater "room" to ourselves. I was in the front of the line so I got a good seat for the movie.The movie was one of the best Batman movies that I have ever seen .

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