Friday, July 20, 2012

A Museum And A Movie

"Is it raining?" I asked my roommate while we were awakening to the sound of our alarms. It felt weired putting on a sweater in the summer at Penn. I wore my lightest sweater, doubting that it was going to be cold, but I was wrong. So I went back to my dorm to change sweaters. Although the day had a weird beginning, it didn't halt neither the learning nor the fun.

He Waits For You To Visit
Our physics class met at 9:15AM, and departed a slightly later than expect because of tardy students. As we entered, the whole class walked over to the Foucalt's Pendulum. We patiently waited for twenty minutes for one of the pieces to be hit and fall over. After that, we split up into groups. I was in a group of eight, the same boys from the two groups at Hershey Park. Within the next few hours, we walked through the entire museum. My favorite would have been the Sports Challenge exhibit if it wasn't infested with tons of 6-year-olds, which restricted our ability to try the hands-on activities. So if that wasn't my favorite, then my favorite would have to the machine exhibit. There was no one in there, most likely because it was hidden behind the gift shop.

Waiting For The Pendulum To Strike
We ate lunch at the food court, which wasn't the best lunch ever, but filled us up. After lunch, we tried to buy tickets for the IMAX show, but couldn't because they were all sold out. We then decided to go to the planetarium, but then discovered that we needed wristbands to get in. Unfortunately, we didn't have wristbands, so we then decided to go the electricity exhibit. They had this really cool wall filled with LEDs that lit up if you were to make a call. As we enjoyed ourselves using the hands-on activities, there was this huge thunderous noise coming from the ceiling, which was another exhibit. We then had to leave the exhibit because Kim ran out at the start of the noise. We later found him in the machine exhibit, playing with a huge crane. While the group laughed at Kim and took over the crane, I decided to go to the gift shop. I want to get something related to physics related for my family back home. The gift shop had plenty of things, most of which were small, perfect for airline travel. If I were to say that the museum didn't disappoint, I would be lying because their observatory was just telescope focused on the construction outside.

It Can Tell Who You Are Calling...
 In the evening, we had our regular movie night. Today, we watched The Dark Knight Rises, which I have been waiting for ever since they told us that they rented out one whole screening. They movie was an excellent way to finish the week, and best of all, I got to sit with whole cohort. Tomorrow, we will be going to a Giants v. Phillies game, where I will be cheering for the Giants all the way.

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