Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse

Today, our day started quite early because we were on a mission: beat the Chicago traffic. After the breakfast buffet, we were fueled up to go to the University of Chicago. I didn't eat much food because I could still feel yesterday's burger still in my stomach. We arrived at the university quite early with success in beating the traffic. The tour started with the usual informational session that lasted only an hour. Callie Brown, the Northern California Admission Officer, talked about the college's backround and structure. The University of Chicago has quarters instead of semesters and they tend to take three or four classes per quarter. This seemed like something I would like because it would give alot of time to dive deep into my classes without being stressed out about managing my time. Another thing Callie said was that they have core requirements and will not need to declare a major until your third year. I think that this is great because I know that I will want a major that I enjoy and how will I know that I have the best major for myself if I don't try it all. Unfortunately, I am interested in civil engineering and the university doesn't have a strong engineering program.

After the information session, Edgar, our tour guide, showed us around the campus and talked about life on campus. At first, I thought it was going to be another campus of pure gothic styled buildings, but as we walked, the buildings started to change into a more modern style. I liked this because it showed the university's creativity. Life as a student seemed really appealling because of the not so regular events that are held by the students. One is Humans Vs. Zombies, which is the most ultimate game of tag. Basically, one person starts off as a zombie and infects the humans by tagging them. The humans use Nerf gun to stun the humans and stay alive. I think Edgar said that he won once. Another is Assassin, in which each student is given one target and they must wet their target with water guns.When  they "kill" their target, they get a new target, which is their victim's target. I can continue talking about all the fun event that they have, but then I will never end my blog because events never end at UChicago. I can also relate to Edgar because he is from California, where there is no such thing as seasons. He said that we should never buy a winter jacket in California, that the native Chicago students always help everyone else get the best jacket for what is actual winter. I loved the tour because all of the information Edgar gave us was new and not a repitition of the informational session.
The Coolest Library Ever
Later at we had lunch with another student, Janet, who is also from California. She told us that everyone is very friendly and that you will constantly be meeting new people, especially since it is made up of about 5000 students. Talking with her made me feel a lot better about deciding to apply to UChicago. This was done because she said that although they do not have an engineering program, many students still who want to be engineers end up taking a lot of physics and math course. Their not really a set schedule, you end up taking classes to explore and have fun. I really enjoyed my time at UChicago and have decided that I will apply.
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