Thursday, June 28, 2012

Don't Knock It Until You Try It

At about 7:45 the cohort met in the lobby to head to dinner at Girl & The Goat. We piled into two cabs as usual and we were off. When we arrived we were kind of surprised to see that a lot of the guests were in casual wear, even the waiters wore jeans and sneakers. I think we all felt out of place for a while. Once everyone arrived we all headed inside for a change of atmosphere.

The inside was dimly lit and there were lots of people everywhere. There was a lounge set up in the front left corner of the restaurant and the rest of the area was seating available for the customers. The hostess led us towards the back where a table was set up for 12 guests. Our waitress then explained how dining at Girl & The Goat usually works. She handed out menus and suggested that every one order one dish and then they double that order to accommodate both ends of the table. While waiting for our food, we talked to our guests about life in Chicago, life as a student, and other things--some academic but most not. I was seated at the end of the table with University of Chicago Admissions Officer, Callie Brown; Ian, a student at University of Chicago; and members of my cohort, Mariko, David, and Cameron. We used dinner as the perfect opportunity to pick our guest’s brains. We asked any questions that came to mind, from what campus living is like to things to do during free time, to the types of music they like.
Ivette, Chloe, and I pose for a quick picture while
waiting for the others to arrive.
The atmosphere of the restaurant was very nice and this was definitely my favorite dining place so far on the trip. The environment was more relaxed and laid back than the other places we dined in with school representatives. Although it was more casual, it still had a certain "swankiness" and "it" factor about it.

The menu was very original and different. Callie told us that there is a new menu everyday and the chef herself decides what should be served and how. We feasted on some really interesting things tonight but my favorites were the pork shank that our waitress instructed us to indulge in as if it was one huge buffalo chicken wing made of pork, escargot ravioli, pig's face, and tempura soft shell crab. The food was delicious and the way it was presented made it even more enjoyable. I really liked the fact that there was more to the dish than just the main item. All other garnishes and sauces played a role that was equally important in pleasing the palette.

After sharing a new dining experience with new people, we ended with individual desserts. For dessert I had chocolate cake with blackberry sorbet. Dinner was delicious. even though we had many yummy dishes, I was less full than I had been thus far on the trip. I was full and satisfied but I wasn't quite at the stage of a "food coma".

Dining at Girl & The Goat was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed the food as much as I enjoyed the company of those around me.

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  1. Alysa,

    Interesting about the dress code for this place. Considering the lengthy wait for a reservation and other factors I would have thought that it would have been more formal.

    Sounds like you all enjoyed the actual dinner and the meeting with the University of Chicago guests was equally rewarding.