Thursday, June 28, 2012

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

When I heard that we are going to Girl & the Goat, I was not so sure that I would enjoy it. But that feeling quickly changed when we arrived in Chicago and we told people that we were going there. Everyone's reaction was some what like "Oh my god, you are going to Girl & the Goat? It's like the best restaurant in town." Each time I heard those lines, I felt better and better about going there.

Pig Face
The moment you walk in you're hit with a wave of energy.  Girl & the Goat has it's very one unique atmosphere that is both inviting and creative. A huge smile quickly dominated my face as I observed the environment. The hostess approached us and escorted us to our table. I sat next to Callie Brown, which helped me learn a lot more about UChicago and Chicago.

The eating system was genius, especially for our occasion. We order 24 plates and divided each of the plates amongst ourselves. This made us communicate even more. As a result, we bonded more.
Goat Empanadas

Back home, I would watch some cooking shows, such as Master Chief and Hell's Kitchen. I noticed that the key elements that make a dish good are creativity, presentation, and taste. Without a doubt, all of our meals surpased these three categories by a ton. The food was not a regular old steak or burger. It was exotic and packed with flavor that made my taste buds sing. These dishes included baby octopus, escargot, beef tongue, pig face....The list goes on and on.
The Most Delicious Dessert
Unfortunately, the night could only last so long. As much as I was happy to get dessert, I was also devastated knowing that dessert is a harbinger of the end. 

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  1. The way you all keep going on and on about Girl & the Goat it makes me pretty envious. Although it’s hard to discern from the photos exactly what it is that’s one the plates, the food looks great and has my mouth watering.

    Just how are you supposed to go back to eating fast food after a meal like this?