Thursday, June 28, 2012

University Of Chicago

The alarm clock sounded at 7 in the morning. Does this mean that I got up exactly at 7? Well , a couple more minutes passed ,along with a couple more snooze alarms , until I finally got up. But it was 7:10, and I needed to be ready by 7:30. I quickly dashed for the shower , jumping off of beds , as if I were super man himself, and throwing everything in my path, out of it.That's right , the nearly 10ft long path from my bed to the bathroom was covered in about .524 seconds.Safe to say , through all of that I arrived and was ready to eat breakfast on time.

After breakfast we made our way to UChicago(University of Chicago),taking to cabs.What was to be 100 degree weather , plus humidity which would make it equivalent to 115 did not feel as bad as it seemed before hand.When we arrived we made our way to the admissions office were were greeted by Edgar who explained everything that was to go on that day: Information session , tour , than lunch with him and another student.The information session was really similar to WashU's. Both schools are D3 in sports which means no athletic scholarships, and both are relatively small to meduim size schools which was actually great for the tour. Before the tour started Edgar gave us UChicago sun glasses to wear. During the tour we kept going in and out of buildings(which were air conditioned), which made the tour way better.

After the tour we sat down and ate lunch with Edgar and Janet at one of the Universities dining halls.We talked a lot and got to know a lot of what goes on in Chicago along with fun things to do.The rest of the day was to be spent rejuvenating my energy for tomorrow's visit at Northwestern.


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