Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Came. We Saw. We Conquered.

Alarm #1- 6:00 AM
Alarm #2- 6:50 AM
After multiple alarms went off in room 258 at The Drake Hotel, the rooms occupants remained sound asleep. I was finally woke up at 7:29 due to a phone call from my mother. As I rushed her off the phone I whispered to Ivette, "Guess what time it is." She asked the time and I told her. The next twenty minutes we hustled and bustled about our room to make it down to the lobby for breakfast even though we were late. After having a breakfast of juice and fruit we all headed to the front of the hotel to catch a cab to the University of Chicago. Check this out, we didn't have to hail our own cab; the doormen did it for us. After piling into two separate cabs we were off.

Today was rather hot but the humidity made it somewhat bearable. Upon arrival on campus, we headed to admissions to meet with Callie Brown, a Norcal Admissions representative for the University of Chicago. I found the information session very interesting because University of Chicago has always been on my list of prospective schools. I am really glad I got a chance to actually check out the campus up close, rather than online. Following the tour, we went on a campus tour led by Edgar, a current student at the University of Chicago,(who is also from California). Edgar showed us all the places to know on campus including popular study places and even a really cool statue. He was a great tour guide because not only did he give us basic information, he shared fun facts and quirks about places around campus. Next it was time for lunch. For lunch we were joined by Janet, another student at U of Chicago who is also from California. We ate at a small cafe and engaged in fun conversations. Edgar even showed us a video of him singing "Someone Like You" by Adele..backwards! The karaoke competition is part of a scavenger hunt tradition on campus.

Edgar pauses to tell us a fun fact about the campus.

I really enjoyed another day of being on a college campus. This campus was also very green, the people were kind, and the weather wasn't too bad. I like how during the application process the university throws random questions out of nowhere. There is a part of the application where the applicant must right an essay on a given prompt. These prompts are very unusual. An example of one that I really liked was "Do not use reverse psychology." These prompts can be interpreted any way and their purpose is to help admissions officers get a better feel for the way applicants think.

In just a few hours we are going to dinner with Callie as well as a student from the university and a few more people. I look forward to not only the delicious food found at The Girl and The Goat everyone in Chicago speaks so highly of, but also to hearing about life at the University of Chicago from a student's perspective.

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