Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Wait Is Nearly Over

It’s almost here. In little over twelve hours I will be boarding the shuttle to SFO airport--a shuttle that will start a journey that I will never forget. This past week I have been packing almost everything I need into my suitcase, hoping that it doesn’t exceed 50 pounds. As I packed, I started to feel more excitement, more anxious, and also a bit nervous. To combat these nerves, I look at the previous year’s blogs from Penn. What I saw was amazing. Seeing all the fun they had, I quickly forgot about my nervousness.

The three hour difference is not going to be a problem for me because I have traveled to Mexico multiple times where I had to get used to a two hour differences. I believe the easiest way to getting comfortable with the time difference is changing your sleep pattern (exactly what Don has been telling us the whole time), and know that the airplane is the one of the worst places to begin. So, for nearly the past week and a half I have been going to sleep at around 9 PM and waking up at about 5 AM. Then I would go to the gym with my brother, which has helped me feel energized and alert so early in the morning.

Before I get my head on my pillow for the last time in a month, I am making sure everything is ready. All electronics are charged and ready to go, making sure my camera has tons of memory, and putting little things where they belong. I’ve said goodbye to all of my family, which of course I will miss. Right know I am just so excited that writing this blog becomes such a difficult task because of my fingers jumping all around the keyboard.

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  1. David, After reading your blog my esteem for you has risen dramatically. You actually listened to my advice and followed it. After seven years, finally we have an ILCer who listens to me.

    I think this is going to be a major event in your life, David. On the surface you come across as shy and reticent but I suspect that you just need a little prodding and you’ll bust right out. I’d like to be there when that happens. Maybe I’ll see it in the blogs.