Friday, June 1, 2012

Orientation: Check, UPenn: Up Next

“This isn’t Pinole Middle School,” I told my mother, who for some reason thought that Pinole High School and Pinole Middle School were the same school.  Luckily, there are smart phones and we had time.  But then again the GPS in phones is not always accurate, I say this because it took us to a small shopping center behind Pinole Middle School.  But since we had time, we made it a good 15 minutes before it started.

The orientation had a rough start due to some of the ILCers being late, but regardless to that, the night was still perfect.  As usual, it started with introductions of the chaperones.  Then Don Gosney came in and started the talk of logistics, what to pack, how much to pack, and the overall plan.  We were given papers and forms to help us remember what to pack, which included a checklist.

After the meetings as a whole, we broke up into groups of our University.  There, our chaperone, Ian Lawrence, took control.  He talked about the travel plans. As he talked, my excitement grew and grew to the point that I wanted to go already.  Then my mom told me that we have less than a month to prepare.  I thought to myself, the wait is nearly over, the long months are gone, East Coast here I come. 

After this short group meeting, we met back with the rest of the groups in the multipurpose room.  There Charles Ramsey congratulated us by saying, “It’s over. You have made it. You’re going to the East Coast.”  Then the meeting was over.  The last event was done, UPenn is up next!

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  1. Oh, David. Why do I even bother? Did the detailed maps that I included with the emailed announcement mean nothing?

    One map was so you could find Pinole, another so you could find the school and as third so you could find the right room. Why oh why do I even bother? :-)

    BUT, as you wrote, you left the house with plenty of time to deal with the unforeseen roadblocks and still made it with plenty of time to spare.