Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last Minute Preparations

I woke up this morning with a purpose: to complete all last minute packing and once and for all zip up my suitcase. It is only 12:10 PM and I have completed that task. Ever since I found out that I was only allowed one suitcase I had been stressing over the weight of my luggage. Since my family seems to be the only family in the world to not own a bathroom scale, my mother suggested I take my luggage to the UPS store. My sister and I drove to the store only to be greeted by a neon sign that read "Closed". After calling my mother, I decided to try the shipping center at Staples. With little help from a Staples employee I hoisted my suitcase onto the countertop scale and waited for the reading. 42.60 lbs is what the scale read. I was so relieved to know that I was underweight, I went home and packed an extra pair of shoes :)

Yesterday, I said my final goodbyes to my friends. My friends and I spent the day at an amusement park along with my sister. It was a little saddening to know that I wouldn't be able to see them again for another 30+ days. Aside from being sad I have to part with friends and family, I am excited nonetheless. It seems just a few short weeks ago we were all sitting in the multipurpose room at Pinole Middle School anxiously waiting for our departure dates to approach and finally they're here! In about twelve hours I'll be double, triple, and quadruple checking my luggage. I've never been away from home for more than a few days at a time but there is no doubt in my mind that I'll be successful while away.

Of course I am looking forward to college tours but aside from that I'm really excited for the weather and a chance to just experience East Coast living. As my departure time approaches more closely, I'll be preparing my social network status updates and goodbye messages, as well as sending out individual texts to those who I'll miss the most.

"See" you all on the other side. Next time I update it'll probably be from a different time zone :)

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  1. I’m enjoying reading about at least two of you that are taking your luggage to shipping companies to weigh your stuff. That’s an approach I never thought of.

    Did you really write that you’re excited about the weather? You understand that it’s been in the 100º range this past week? And humid? And you’re excited about this? Let me put you in touch with a few of our ILCers that have been melting back east this past week.