Friday, June 29, 2012

Putting the West in Northwestern

Today was quite an eventful day, and a little wetter than we were expecting.  The sun was shining as we headed down for breakfast (some a little later than others) and hopped in two cabs that took us to the Northwestern University campus.  We started with a short and concise admissions information session led by an admissions officer and a current student.  They went through the six schools and what each had to offer.  On top of flexible scheduling, the school offers countless opportunities for research, jobs, and internships.  I liked that Northwestern students can receive an education and real-world experience simultaneously. 

The Rock
After the info session, we went on a campus tour led by Kristina, a rising junior.  We walked all over campus, which is beautiful.  Everything was very green and the buildings ranged in style and age, some built in the late 1800s and some in the 1980s.  One thing that really stood out was the rock, an old fountain that students have painted as a tradition for a long time.  It is said to have 9 layers of paint with everything from marriage proposals to class pride.  I love learning about schools' random traditions and the ways that current students keep them alive.  Kristina's tour was very engaging and I could feel the love she feels toward Northwestern entwined with everything she said.  

"Sunset" at 11 AM
As we walked around, the air started to cool and the sky got darker.  We looked out across the lake to Chicago and the sky looked like it was dusk, not 11 AM.  Five minutes later, it was pouring rain and thunder and lightning crashed above our heads. Luckily, we finished our tour and found a close dining hall to have lunch.  I sat with Kristina, and she told me more about how amazing Northwestern is.  She said that although she was skeptical at first, the university has helped her grow as a person and discover what she loves.  Wildcats are very cool, but with the way that she talks about NU, Kristina could definitely be the mascot. 

We took the L back to millennium park and spent some time relaxing as a cohort.  We looked at "The Bean," and explored the amphitheater.  Then, all the girls got in the Crowne Plaza Fountain and got soaked for the second time today.  The guys, sadly, were more content sitting on the sidelines, but we all had fun cooling off in the water.  We walked back to the hotel in hopes of drying off and had a couple hours to rest and get ready for dinner.
Taking pictures of our reflection in the Bean
Inside the Bean
Dinner was at Mastro's Steakhouse with two Northwestern admissions officers and some current students.  I sat at a table with Aaron, an admissions officer.  He was great to talk to about all aspects of Northwestern and the surrounding area.  I sat next to Shivon, a rising junior pre-med cognitive sciences major (it sounded like a lot to me too).  He has similar interests to me, like community service and science.  Talking to him allowed me to really put myself on the Northwestern campus and see that it has a lot to offer me.  After my amazing meal (seafood, New York Strip, and a profiterole), we all walked downstairs to hail a few cabs.  Once again, the lightening started and it rained the whole way back to the hotel.  

Cameron hails his first cab
Tomorrow we leave for Philadelphia.  No matter how much I have enjoyed these college visits, I am seriously looking forward to moving in to my dorm and starting class.  This experience has already changed my life, and it's only been four days!


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  1. Clara! It's so exciting to hear about how this experience is changing your life. I'm looking forward to reading about your experience at Penn. Great photos!! -Shannon