Friday, June 29, 2012

My Love For Northwestern

This morning ,the alarm sounded at 7:30. Breakfast started at 7:30.We decided to skip breakfast and get an extra 30 minutes of rest. When we met up with the rest of the group it was time to head towards Northwestern, which was actually in a suburban city outside of Chicago. I thought this was nice because the college is in a quiet ,slow neighborhood compared to a big noisy city that could at times be relatively distracting. On the other hand when your looking for some fun, fun is not to far away as the city is less than 30 minutes away.

The campus was very nice , especially with the weather being cooler than the day before, well drastically cooler.(Hmmmm I wonder why?) When we entered the admissions office , I felt a warm comforting feeling. Everyone there made me feel so welcome. The information session was unlike any of the other we had attended before. There was a projector screen with all the information that was being stated which made it somewhat of an interactive session.Everything said about this school appealed to me and the only things left for me to finally decide whether I really liked the school, was the tour.

From the start of the tour I told myself , Okay , this is somewhere that I could see myself at for four years. The tour continued , and you remember when I mentioned that substantial change in the weather, well this is were that comes into to play. The skies got darker and darker and finally drops started to come down. Remember just yesterday it was 100 degrees, so I am dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. This is that wonderful east coast weather that I was told about.Luckily the tour just about came to and end when the rain started. After that we were off to eat lunch with a few students and the admissions officer that we would later enjoy wonderful steaks with that night.

After lunch we decided to catch the L , which is like the BART system in the bay area, back to downtown or the loop. from there we enjoyed the wonderful sites of  millennium park such as Pritzker Pavilion , Crown Fountain , Lurie Garden , and the Cloud gate etc.From there we headed back to the hotel on was and information walk , were I learned more about and whats is like to be in fast pace big city type of life. When we arrived at the hotel we had a couple hours to rest up for dinner at Mastro's. My favorite part of dinner aside from the wonder New York pepper steak , was my talk with the admissions officer. We talked about all of my interest and I found out that everything that I am interested in is held there at Northwestern. I had a wonderful day and overall a wonderful night viewing what was my favorite college yet-Northwestern

                                   At Mastro's



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  1. Cameron! I hope that NU stays at the top of your list!! Thanks for coming to visit and have a great time at Penn! -Shannon