Friday, June 29, 2012

Be Adventurous

At around 7:45 PM we left the hotel lobby, and made our way over to the restaurant. Tonight's restaurant was Girl and The Goat. When we told people where we would be having dinner, they were in total shock. Appareantly it is very hard to get a table at this restaurant, you could be waiting up to four months. They gave us a bit of information, such as how the food is amazing. We were all incredibly eager to see this place.

The restaurant was a lot different from all the other restaurants we've had dinner in. The atmosphere was definitely a lot more relaxed. The decor, music, and staff really did make you feel comfortable. We sat at a long table for twelve, because we had special guests. Tonight we had the honor of being accompanied by Callie (the admissions officer for Northern California), Mario, Bella, and Ian (current students at UChicago).

The soft shell crab
Pig's face
I think we were all a bit confused when we were reading the menu. Some of the foods that seemed a bit unusual were the pig's face, beef's tongue, roasted baby octopus, and the escargo ravioli. All of these dishes were new to us, and a bit intimidating, but we din't let that stop us. We wanted to be adventurous and try all of these mysterious foods. So we did, we ordered all of the dishes I mentioned earlier plus the quail, crab, goat empanadas, lamb, green beans, broccoli, and a lot more! Every single one of those dishes was delicious. It was clear to me then why the restaurant was so popular. I'd say tonight was the most fun we've had, and how could it not be with great company and phenominall food.

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