Friday, June 29, 2012


Our day started out with a 7:30 AM breakfast in the hotel. The breakfast buffet had many things to choose from, but I kept it simple with fruit. After a short cab ride, we find ourselves at The University of Chicago. We were a bit early, so after checking in we had to wait a bit before our information session began. The informartion session included the 8 of us and Callie Brown.  Callie gave us a very thorough description of everything there is to know about the university. The topic that stood out the most to me was their application. They add a fun essay question in their applications. An example she gave us was, that one year the topic was a jar of mustard. The applicant then had to write about a jar of mustard. It is definitely not a common appliccation section, which is why it's so great.

It seems as though a pattern is forming, both of our tour guides for WashU and UChicago have been California natives! Our tour guide, Edgar, really knew how to entertain a crowd. He wasn't just showin us a building, he was taking us back in time to relieve an experience he had at that building. He had a story for every building. He made the tour personal, which I thought was a very good strategy. When we walked into the buildings, which all had air conditioning, he allowed us to take a break from the sun. He knew what to say to keep us focused. Edgar also joined us for lunch along with Janet, who is a student as well. We asked him a ton of questions and he answered them gladly in between bites of his hamburger. He told us about many of the events that have taken place on the campus. The one that he seemed the most enthusiastic about was the humans vs zombies game. It's a game where if a zombie touches a human, the human turns into a zombie. The last human alive wins the gane, and guess who won the game this year! If you guessed Edgar, then you are correct. Sadly Edgar had more tours to do so he had to leave us.

What I really liked about the campus was the different architectural structures of the buildings. Some of them were very hi-tech and modern looking, while others were more roman gothic looking. There was variety, not every building looked the same. The buildings aren't bunched up together, they're spread out. There were a lot of trees which provided shade from the heat. It really is a beautiful school.

Everybody was tired from walking around in Chicago's 100 degree weather, so after lunch we came back to the hotel. We all went to our rooms and enjoyed the free time we had. Tomorrow we will be visiting Northwestern. I can not wait to see what Northwestern is like!

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